Thursday, August 16, 2012

Etude House : Pearl Extract Facial Mask

Posted by Maryani at 12:43 AM

OMG I think I found the perfect mask for skin whitening! Hoho so happy *u*

Got this mask for free from this Etude House haul a few weeks ago.  I was supposed to buy this one and not the pomegranate mask but it was out of stock.  Luckily, EH gave this to me for free because I purchased PhP500+ worth of products.

This will not be a formal review since the photos I took will not give justice to this amazing product T_T~ I already used the other mask and I quite liked it too.  But this one has a different effect, it makes you glow naturally! Before, I use Garnier facial masks and to be honest, I can't see the difference that much and pimples start to show up a few days after use so I stopped buying them.

I used this a couple of hours ago.  The scent was good enough, it wasn't irritating or fruity.  The mask was pretty messy to apply but meh~ I don't care \(^o^)/ I left it for about 30 minutes on my face and when I removed it I was shocked because of my ~natural~ glow. LOL! Instant mestiza skin in just a few minutes.  Haha! It didn't make my skin too white, but it sure has this glow-y effect which I like so much ;___; 

Would definitely buy one again! Especially if I wake up tomorrow with this natural glow-y, not shiny, soft and smooth face!



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