Monolid Goddess

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Hi I'm awkward.

Hello, I'm Marianne, a 22-year old Industrial Engineering graduate from the University of the Philippines.  I've always loved anything and everything Hello Kitty, cute, pink, girly, pretty, and sparkly. Lately, I'm into makeup and skin care products.  I know I suck at describing myself  *sobs* Oh, oh. I love books too!  

Why Monolid Goddess? Well, basically, all the catchy URLs are already taken and I'm not that creative plus I'm really super corny. LOL. And yes, I have monolids and I'm proud of it :) I have no plans to have my eyelids be surgically enhanced, though I want to try eyelid glue in the near future ;) 

So um, Keep Calm and Unleash your Inner Goddess! ♥

LOLWAT. HAHAHA. /is weird forever.


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