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Hello! Welcome to my ~beauty~ blog :)

I am no fashionista and I have weird taste in clothes and accessories, too.  But beauty and skin care products make me happy and I would like to share them with you.  I also have this newfound love for makeup so expect makeup reviews as well!

If ever you know me in person, or if you've been following my personal blog, I actually write in Tagalog almost all the time.  The way I blog = the way I talk in real life! :) But I think product reviews are better when written in English since it sounds a little bit more formal.  (Also, I need to practice writing in English because I'm not that comfortable using the language~ T__T;)

Just to clarify, this is not a professional blog (obviously).  I'm not an expert on beauty either ;)  I just want a blog where I can babble about my love for beauty products because I don't want to spam my tumblr followers with my silly posts.  Heeee~ More about me here

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