Monday, July 30, 2012

First time : Etude House

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Finally got the chance to go to Etude House! Because Trinoma is the easiest mall to go to from Bulacan and from Elbi (MRT station FTW), I don't usually go to SM North. But I really, really want to go to Etude House so I asked Marvin to go with me. 

Aaaah. I really love their store! It's so pink and princess-y. I've been there before but I never bought anything.  This time, I am ready  to "shop" just because I want to have the pink membership card.  Unfortunately, their pink cards were out of stock but I can claim mine a week after.

To be a Pink Member, you just have to purchase  PhP 500 worth of products on a single receipt and that's it! You get your card for free after filling out their membership form.  It works like the SM Advantage card.  For every PhP 100 worth of products, you get two points.  The maximum number of points is 1000 and can be converted to cash :) Visit the etude house website for more details. 

I bought these items for PhP 532 so I can get my pink card for free next week.  Will do a review of these products soon :) 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Folded and Hung atbp.

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Folded and Hung Sale! Buy three items, get the fourth one free~ XD I've always loved Folded and Hung.  I don't really go shopping that often but when I do, I always make sure that I buy at least one item from f&h.  

CONFIRMED: I will be going to Boracay this coming Wednesday until Friday with my Tita. When she called me last week, I panicked because I don't have anything to wear! Huhuhu.  I only have ONE swimsuit, and all my other clothes are not so Boracay-ish.  Usually, I just wear a pair of short shorts (not even board shorts ;__;) and a shirt when I go swimming with friends and family.  Luckily, she gave me money so that I can buy her a bikini cover up. She also said that I should buy beach stuff for myself as well.  I originally planned to go to the Department Store yesterday but I happened to pass by f&h and... this happened. 

I know this isn't a lot, but I'm just so happy because I bought everything on sale (50% off!!!!) !

Sophie Martin : Bag Joie

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I finally bought the Sophie bag that I've always wanted! :) So happy!! I was supposed to post this last March but I always forget. 

This Bag Joie is my favorite bag at the moment :) Its original price is PhP1,190 but since I am a Sophie Martin member, I got it for only P833
*sorry for the poor quality of the pictures*


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*photos are watermarked because it was originally posted on my personal  tumblr 

I'm not really a makeup person (actually, I'm more obsessed with skincare products) because of several reasons: 1) I look weird with makeup on 2) All my girl friends are really, really simple and I don't want to be the odd man out 3) Makeup = expensive 4) I believe it's harmful for your skin 5) I sweat too much even if it's not that hot.
But since I'm "selling" beauty products lately, I always end up buying one for myself too. Tsk. I noticed that most of my "customers" (customers = friends) wanted to buy lipsticks.  I've read somewhere before that wearing lipstick gives girls confidence because it makes them feel more beautiful.  Ha.  Kaya nakiuso naman ako.
Here are some of the lipsticks / lip balms / lip glosses that I have.  I don't know where the others are :( They're probably at home, or somewhere under my bed, idk.

1. Myra E Cherry Lip Balm- this is my favorite lip balm! I use this at least twice a day because I have REALLY dry lips so this helps to lock in moisture
2. Maybelline Strawberry Color & Care Lip Balm- if I'm not in the mood to wear lipstick but I want to add some color to my lips, I use this one :)
3. Nivea Angel Star Lip Balm- I don't use this that often because I'm not a big fan of its scent.  But it has glitters!! :O
4. Herbench Paintbox Candy Pink- the packaging is just too cute I can't resist *_* not a fan of the lipstick though
5. LA Colors Nude Lipstick- it actually does nothing for me, haha. I just want to have a brown lipstick shade. Maybe my lips are just too dark that's why I don't notice the difference :(
6. Sophie Martin Russian Red Lipstick- I love this! Whenever I'm too lazy to dress up, I just put this on and I instantly feel pretty. HAHAHA. Picture of my red lips here. Hoho.
7. Sophie Koshize Pink Lover Lipstick - i already posted about this here. :)

Skin Care (part 1)

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This list is not that updated anymore but I will try to make another post about skin products I currently use :) 

*Photos are not mine :D I googled everything~*
(October 06, 2011)
I rarely do beauty posts but I since I am very bored, I will make one now. Haha. Oh, and I have chickenpox at the moment.  *facepalm* I have red spots all over my body and MY FACE and it's itchy and I'm gonna die soon. Gahd. The doctor said that I should rest for about 2 weeks but I have only 2 weeks left before classes end and it's finals week so I wonder what I'm supposed to do now :| ANYWAY. Enough of all the chickenpox drama, LOL.
These are the products that I used / currently using to take care of my skin.  I'm still unsure of my skin type because I think I have normal to oily skin type (face) but I tend to have dry skin (body) too :|

Sophie Body Butter + Pink Lover Lipstick

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These are two of my favorite beauty products from Sophie: Strawberry Milk Body Butter (PhP 160) and Koshize Lipstick Pink Lover (PhP 190).

I love anything pink, and anything strawberry so I just couldn't resist trying this strawberry body butter.  Ah, I love the scent so much~~ <3

As for the lipstick, a friend told me before that she liked this shade because it conceals the ~natural~ color of her lips.  We have the same uhhm, "dark" lips so this works really well for me too.  :)

Make your own fashion. Create your own business.

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Yup, I finally gave in. I joined Sophie last November 08, 2011. :)

For some of you who have no idea what Sophie Paris is, let me give you a brief introduction :) Sophie Paris International was born in Jakarta in 1992.  It started from a home-based handbag manufacturing business, and has boomed into the country's largest fashion company. In 2002, it opened its doors to the Philippine market.  The Sophie Catalog contains a wide selection of high end bags, watches, and clothes for men and women.  Every two months, it offers different new styles.  In addition, it also offers an array of cosmetics, skin care, and personal care products specially made for Asian skin.

You may build your business by purchasing a starter kit for only PhP 200.  It contains the following: Member registration form, current catalog, membership card, memmbership manual, Sophie Solution Quick Guide, Sophie Paris Card Holder, and a Sophie Paris Door Banner.  

Sophie membership card :) Everything is is so pink *_*

Look, I have lots of orders already~! \:D/ 

Reasons why I joined Sophie:
1. It only requires a small registration fee and there is no financial risk on my part.  It is very easy to join too.   I only paid PhP 200, completed the membership form,  gave a photocopy of my ID, and *poof*! Instant lifetime membership plus the Sophie starter Kit (see pictures above).
2. I earn additional income.  To be honest, I only joined Sophie so that I can get the 30% discount on their products.  But just for fun, I begged asked my roommate if she would like to order stuff, and she did! She even asked some of her friends to order from me.  I really enjoyed all the salestalk (haha sorry na) and all the money. Of course. Haha!
3. I am in control.  How much I earn depends on the products I've sold. There is no quota or limit.  Plus it does not take much time and is very simple.  I just take people's orders, get them from Ate Tin, pay 70% of the total proce of all the products, deliver the products to my customers, and get their money :D It's that easy. 

If there's anything you would like to ask about Sophie Martin, feel free to leave a message!


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Hi! New blog again :) Please bear with me.  I have a dozen online accounts everywhere! Having multiple blogs sure takes a lot of time but I just wanted to explore where I like blogging the most.  I don't know if that makes any sense, haha!  This blog will be dedicated to beauty and/or shopping posts so I hope you'll find something here!

As of now, I will be importing posts from my other blog. I hope it wouldn't take too much time :)

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