Saturday, July 28, 2012

Folded and Hung atbp.

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Folded and Hung Sale! Buy three items, get the fourth one free~ XD I've always loved Folded and Hung.  I don't really go shopping that often but when I do, I always make sure that I buy at least one item from f&h.  

CONFIRMED: I will be going to Boracay this coming Wednesday until Friday with my Tita. When she called me last week, I panicked because I don't have anything to wear! Huhuhu.  I only have ONE swimsuit, and all my other clothes are not so Boracay-ish.  Usually, I just wear a pair of short shorts (not even board shorts ;__;) and a shirt when I go swimming with friends and family.  Luckily, she gave me money so that I can buy her a bikini cover up. She also said that I should buy beach stuff for myself as well.  I originally planned to go to the Department Store yesterday but I happened to pass by f&h and... this happened. 

I know this isn't a lot, but I'm just so happy because I bought everything on sale (50% off!!!!) !

Animal print swimsuit, PhP 500

This is so different from my other swimsuit and I liked how it fits me~ (SEGWAY: Medium yan kasi malaki sakin yung Large. OHA OHA) And it is so much prettier (and sexier, lol) in real life ;___; The colors are a bit different too. 

Pink and White Sheer top, PhP 1,099

White sheer top, PhP 500
(SEGWAY ULIT: SMALL yan, mwahahaha.  Akalain mo yun.  So happy :D)

Bikini coverup / jumpsuit, PhP 500
I LOVE THIS! I was supposed to give this to Tita, but it's so pretty, I just can't.... T_T

Summer dress, PhP 750

I'd give this to Tita, and the white/pink top too.  Everything else is mine. HOHOHO.

Bought this brown Aviator shades from The Eye Channel for PhP350 (10%off!) because my favorite sun glasses got broken :( 

He gave this to me as pasalubong from Myanmar! 

Cracker phone case :) So cute! Though I have to explain .every.single.time. what it is because nobody gets it T_T Oh well.

That's all :D Not sure if I'm really that excited for this trip, but I would love to wear my new clothes, soooo.  Yes. Probably :) Have a good night, everyone!


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