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Skin Care (part 1)

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This list is not that updated anymore but I will try to make another post about skin products I currently use :) 

*Photos are not mine :D I googled everything~*
(October 06, 2011)
I rarely do beauty posts but I since I am very bored, I will make one now. Haha. Oh, and I have chickenpox at the moment.  *facepalm* I have red spots all over my body and MY FACE and it's itchy and I'm gonna die soon. Gahd. The doctor said that I should rest for about 2 weeks but I have only 2 weeks left before classes end and it's finals week so I wonder what I'm supposed to do now :| ANYWAY. Enough of all the chickenpox drama, LOL.
These are the products that I used / currently using to take care of my skin.  I'm still unsure of my skin type because I think I have normal to oily skin type (face) but I tend to have dry skin (body) too :|


Dr. Kauffman Sulfur Soap
I saw my father using this and he said this is really effective and kills germs much faster than any other anti-bacterial soap.  So before I use any body wash or *ahem* beauty soap, I usually use sulfur soap first.  Most people do not like its smell, but I really don't mind. I've gotten used to it since we have a lot of this at home.  This one's effective because all my skin allergies (rashes, insect bites, etc.) were almost gone now. I use this everyday. I recommend this product but if your skin gets dry, make sure to apply lotion after taking a shower.
Kojie-san Whitening Soap
One of my housemates recommended this to me.  He is a guy and he has darker skin than mine, and he said that this really works for him and people kept on telling him that his skin is lightening already.  I got curious and tried it but I don't see the result that much.  However, there were some people who told me that I look fairer. And I noticed that my back pimples were decreasing too, so I still continue using it.
A Bonne` Spa Yogurt Relaxing Bath Salt
I saw my roommate's bath salt one time in the bathroom (hers is the Milky something one) and again, I got curious so I bought one for myself. It sure does wonders. My skin feels so smooth and shiny afterwards. It exfoliates my skin really well. I use it at least twice a week (or every other day), usually at night time.  I love its fragrance as well. :) I recommend!
Silka Whitening Body Wash
I was looking for a good body wash (and I'm sorry I've been obsessed with whitening stuff lately), so I bought this. Um, it's... okay? But I don't think it works for me. :| Oh and about being obsessed with my skin color, this is because I am not really this dark, but school requires a lot of walking under the sun so yeah, hello brown skin.  I just think that I look better with fairer skin. Don't judge me. Haha.
Lavender Lux Body Wash
This is one of my favorite things ever. It was a gift from a friend and this body wash made me fall in love with anything that smells like lavender. :O
Nivea Sparkling White
Errr. It smells nice? :) And another thing I love about it is that it I can easily rinse it off.
Pond's Facial Wash
I love Pond's. Anything Pond's is love. Hiyang e. But I heard, some people stopped using Pond's products because they experience breakouts.  Maybe it's not the same for all of us? It works well for me, I'm not sure if it will do the same for you.  Maybe it depends on the person's skin type too. I tried using the anti-acne facial wash (??? not sure, the only thing I know is that it has beads) and I got pimples instead, lol.
I have a 1-Liter Cetaphil at home.  LOL. I rarely wear makeup but I sometimes use this as a makeup remover (makeup = powder + eyeliner + lip gloss LOL), and also as a facial wash if I'm dead tired.  Good thing about it is that you can use it with or without water.  Whenever my eyes are puffy and tired, I use it instead of my normal facial wash.  I just apply Cetaphil and wipe it off using a clean towel / tissue paper.  Yay for a clean and happy face.  It's pretty expensive though.  Lucky me, I have ~sponsors~ haha.
Off-lotion Soft & Scented
I hate to admit it, but I'm a bit paranoid of pretty much everything :)) So when this whole dengue thing started, I freaked out. I like wearing shorts because they're comfy and I'm proud of my legs so I always use this.  Not sure if this is effective.  How would I even know? XD I use the soft & scented one because it smells like flowers :3
H&M Hello Kitty lotion 
I have the mint one.  Not a big fan but it's Hello Kitty!!!!! 8D
Vaseline Healthy White SPF24 
I use this at night after I shower. It's a bit sticky in my opinion but as usual, I love how it smells so it's fine.
Pond's Naturals Day Cream
I use this during the day because it's not sticky and acts as a moisturizer without making your skin feel too heavy.
Garnier Multi-action Whitening Cream
It definitely made my skin fairer, but at some point, pimples start to appear. I panicked so I stopped using it.
Pond's Spotless White Cream
Love this product! Whenever I get pimple marks, I use this to lighten all these marks and within just a week, you can already see the results.
Pond's Lightening Cream
Of all the Pond's product that I use, this is the least effective in my opinion.  Also not a big fan of its texture.
Pond's Visible Lightening Day Cream
I bought this recently so I have no idea if it's good or not.  All I know is that I bought it on sale (50% off!!!) and the packaging is really pretty, lol. I am shallow like that.
Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Cream
One of my friends told me that she used this when she had a pimple breakout before.  I haven't had that many pimples but when I had my OJT two summers ago, I frequently had pimples and I didn't know what to do.  She recommended this to me but I was a bit hesitant at first because they said that your skin will peel literally. I tried the moderate one and I was pretty happy with the results.  I have been using it until now, and whenever I use it, a pimple appears and then the next day, it's already gone.  My face looks a lot cleaner now.  It sometimes has this burning sensation but you will get used to it sooner or later.
Maxi-Peel Sunblock Cream
I never used Sunblock.  But I read somewhere that at this age, we should learn to take good care of our skin.  As early as now, we should have a skin care routine to prepare ourselves for future wrinkles XD Haha. I tried Maxi Peel's sunblock cream and again, I have no idea if it works or not.  It's a bit thick so my face feels heavy plus it's sticky too.  I wonder when will I get used to applying sunblock.  Not really my thing.
Watsons Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Tape
My nose is very, very prone to blackheads and it sucks.  It runs in the family, I guess. I've had blackheads since I was in elementary and they were never completely gone since then.  I'm afraid to have facials because a lot of people say that is painful and just hearing about all these physical pain makes me dizzy.  Haha. So I just use pore strips to at least decrease blackheads. OF COURSE do not expect that all of your blackheads will be removed. So far, this is the most effective. However, I don't like the smell :|
Glam Works Nose Pore Strips
This is cheaper (P89 for 12 strips), and I like it better because it's unscented. I use this 2-3 times a week only.  After I remove the pore strip, I splash my face with cold water or dab ice on my nose XD
Bench Clear pore
It's okay but it's too expensive (P22 per strip).  
Garnier Lightening Peel-off Mask
I use this about twice a month.  Each pack is made for two uses.  My face feels really smooth afterwards.  :)
iWhite Nose Pack
This is pretty effective but it's kind of messy to apply.  Plus in the instructions, it says that you only need to leave it for around 15minutes but for me, it usually takes a lot longer than that.   So if you're in a hurry, I suggest to not use this and use porestrips instead.
iWhite Whitening Pack
This is similar to the nose pack but this is for the whole face.  It's kind of hard to apply and sometimes, a lot of the cream sticks to your fingers.  What I do is that I get a spoon, and then put the cream on the back of the spoon and use it to apply to my face.  It's much easier than using your hands because it can get really messy.  Using a spoon evens out the cream and not much is wasted.
That would be all for now :) I am really into skin products, it's crazy.  And I am feeling really, really sad at the moment because of this sickness.  Oh my god. Scars. I'd probably die if I will get scars all over my face *cries*
HAHAHAHA long post is long.  Thanks for reading :)


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