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I'm not really a makeup person (actually, I'm more obsessed with skincare products) because of several reasons: 1) I look weird with makeup on 2) All my girl friends are really, really simple and I don't want to be the odd man out 3) Makeup = expensive 4) I believe it's harmful for your skin 5) I sweat too much even if it's not that hot.
But since I'm "selling" beauty products lately, I always end up buying one for myself too. Tsk. I noticed that most of my "customers" (customers = friends) wanted to buy lipsticks.  I've read somewhere before that wearing lipstick gives girls confidence because it makes them feel more beautiful.  Ha.  Kaya nakiuso naman ako.
Here are some of the lipsticks / lip balms / lip glosses that I have.  I don't know where the others are :( They're probably at home, or somewhere under my bed, idk.

1. Myra E Cherry Lip Balm- this is my favorite lip balm! I use this at least twice a day because I have REALLY dry lips so this helps to lock in moisture
2. Maybelline Strawberry Color & Care Lip Balm- if I'm not in the mood to wear lipstick but I want to add some color to my lips, I use this one :)
3. Nivea Angel Star Lip Balm- I don't use this that often because I'm not a big fan of its scent.  But it has glitters!! :O
4. Herbench Paintbox Candy Pink- the packaging is just too cute I can't resist *_* not a fan of the lipstick though
5. LA Colors Nude Lipstick- it actually does nothing for me, haha. I just want to have a brown lipstick shade. Maybe my lips are just too dark that's why I don't notice the difference :(
6. Sophie Martin Russian Red Lipstick- I love this! Whenever I'm too lazy to dress up, I just put this on and I instantly feel pretty. HAHAHA. Picture of my red lips here. Hoho.
7. Sophie Koshize Pink Lover Lipstick - i already posted about this here. :)


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