Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sophie Martin : Bag Joie

Posted by Maryani at 2:52 PM

I finally bought the Sophie bag that I've always wanted! :) So happy!! I was supposed to post this last March but I always forget. 

This Bag Joie is my favorite bag at the moment :) Its original price is PhP1,190 but since I am a Sophie Martin member, I got it for only P833
*sorry for the poor quality of the pictures*

I swear it looks much better in person! I'm just not a good photographer and the bag looked a little worn out since I use it almost every day. Haha! I love how this bag easily fits everything I need. Not a big fan of pouches and small bags so this one is just perfect for me.

I can't believe I did a bag photoshoot XD I recommend bags made by Sophie Martin because they offer both good-looking and high-quality bags :) For more Sophie goodies, click here.


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