Friday, August 10, 2012

Nyx Snow White Lipstick + Etude House Eyebrow Pencil No. 2

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Here are some of the ~beauty~ products I got last week! Nyx Snow White Lipstick (PhP140) and Etude House Eyebrow Pencil (PhP128) :D

I've been looking for this shade for so long! 

I have no idea how to keep my eyebrows neat and pretty so instead of buying eyebrow makeup, I bought this one instead.  I chose a brown-ish shade since the sales person from EH didn't want me to get the black one~ She said it's for people with no (or very very thin) eyebrows only~ Heee. *_*

Product 1.

Left (without flash); Red (with flash)

Top (with flash); Bottom (without flash, front phone camera)


I really, really love this lipstick! Don't mind my mustache okay. Haha.  It actually reminds me of Snow White because of how red it is :) It's perfect for evening wear / parties / formal events :) I don't think I can wear this in broad daylight, though. It's impossible to not get noticed *_* 

I used a lip brush for this one because even just one swipe is already too much! I think I need to buy a lip liner soon because I've always been conscious with the shape (or the lack of it T_T) of my lips.  I think they're huge and fat (* ̄m ̄) 

Product 2.

What I like about the eyebrow liner is that it's super easy to use! You just have to follow the ~outline~ of your eyebrows and that's it! No hassle at all. 

The color is just light so if you want darker brows, you just have to trace your brows several times.  I have thin and messy eyebrows so I used the eyebrow brush, too.  There are some parts of my eyebrows that have no or little hair so this one is really effective~ Instant pretty eyebrows! Will definitely buy one again because it can be refilled! YAYYY~ Love refillable stuff <3 

Can you see the difference? D:

 Next on my makeup wishlist: Eyebrow makeup kit! :)


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